Non-Destructive Examination

Our dedicated in-house Quality Department reports directly to upper management to handle NDE and quality documentation needs.


  • CSA W178.2 Level 2 Visual (Visual Inspection)
  • CGSB 48.9712 Level 2 MPI
  • CGSB 48.9712 Level 2 LPI
  • CGSB 48.9712 Level 1 UT
  • ISO20807:2004 XF certified operators
  • Ferrite Testing with Fisher Technology Feritscope ® FMP30C
  • IIW International Welding Technologist
  • In house measurement of Ferrite Content in Austenitic and Duplex Steel
  • Owners of ThermoFisher Scientific Niton™ XL3t GOLDD+ XRF Analyzer

Our Quality Control Inspectors are certified for various non-destructive examination methods, meaning quicker turn around for your project, eliminating the need to bring in a third party.

Our Positive Material Identification (PMI) Gun supports our versatility in fabrication capabilities by allowing us to identify grades of various alloys.

Surface preparation and paint profiles are verified using Sandblasting Profile Tester, PosiTector 6000 Coating Thickness Instrument, and PosiTector Dew Point Meter.

Certified to operate a Positive Material Identification Gun (XRF Analyzer) ISO 20807:2004 XRF allows us to determine material composition with the pull of a trigger. We are able to identify material and ensure proper welding and repair procedures are used every time. This capability promotes improved results for repairs to stainless and exotic material.


Lopes provides in-house Non Destructive Testing (NDT) on welds. Our testing is performed by inspectors certified to:

  • CSA W178.2 Level 2 Visual (Visual Inspection)
  • CGSB Level 2 MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspection)
  • CGSB Level 2 LPI (Liquid Penetrant Inspection)
  • CGSB Level 1 UT (Ultrasonic Testing)